Uncategorized / Jan 19 2018

Looking Good and Beyond: Why it Matters


Looking good and good grooming is a responsibility. It takes time, effort and a stick-to-it kind of attitude. The benefits are a more good looking you. Your efforts and commitment helps you to stand out in attracting desirable partners, taking advantage of career opportunities and improves your standing in how you relate to your contemporaries and superiors.

With all that said, there’s also another behind-the-mask focus that’s worth looking into. We all want to look good, right? When we look in the mirror and like what we see, we anticipate that’s the face that others see. And do they?

That reflection we see, (hold on, this is serious stuff) is a reflection of not only the physical, but also the cerebral, emotional and spiritual self that is the sum of our whole being. All of your grooming efforts are essential, but there’s one other practice that can enhance, brighten and just “pump up the volume” on that handsome face.

I’m talking about focusing into your inner self. Those core values that define you and the standard by which you live and rock your world. Focus on it, know it, live it. The outcome is a confidence that shines beyond just your looks, and others will see it.

Let me share one of my life experiences. I’ve had the dating experience, as have others, where you weren’t interested in an exclusive relationship because of other priorities and the lack of time to devote to that kind of thing. Collectively, the results were more dating opportunities from those who were looking for monogamy and permanence in their lives. This occurred numerous times after sharing my view that the possibility of monogamy was not a priority. This baffled me and, in hindsight, and this is my take. It seems that that kind of non-commitment commitment is attractive because of the confidence level to not commit. And maybe on a subconscious level it’s proof in the concept that “we want what we can’t have.” It wasn’t a game. It’s just where I was at with relationship issues and it worked for me.

It was the confidence that I chose not only to have in myself, but also the future, that made it easier for me to go through that time in my life without having to worry about being alone.

My point is, confidence rules and has an appeal that can only add to the luster to your outer self that you project to the world. Have the confidence to focus on it, know it, live it and by all means love it here, now and beyond.